Hey Guys,
Congrats to all the Creek guys - you guys dominated!  On to the Summer...Reminder that there is NO practice this Sunday.

Few things that help you stay in tune with the all the logistics: 
Twitter Account: @cofirelax - weather, cancellations, last minute schedule changes etc.
Google Account: google calendar and google maps on your smart phone. 

Training Camp: 
4:30-6:30pm, Goalie & Face-Off positions start at 4pm.
Havard Gulch Park North

Tournament Rosters, 1st Draft:
Our first 4 events. Please be patient if there is a mistake.

Tournament Schedules
Will be posted/tweeted/emailed by Monday night each week.

Assigned Coaches
We are all getting together tomorrow to watch the Terps vs DU. I will have every teams coach for each specific tournament posted by Sunday. We will talk about it more at Training Camp, but our focus during training camp will be to assess each guys IQ, to fix/tweak individual fundamentals, and last but not least, to incorporate team building. As always we want to create an environment that allows the guys to be creative and play with a clear mind.

Let me know if I missed anything.

I'm really looking forward to a great summer with the boys!


Nate Watkins
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