COLORADO LAcrosse Academy​​


"Throughout the years that I played on club lacrosse teams I never found somewhere that amounted to my time spent with Nate. It is everything that you want not only from a players perspective, but from a parents as well. His connections within the high school and even more importantly college lacrosse community provide a huge help for a player that is going through the recruiting process. Nate has managed to capture everything that is important for a successful summer program, while also maintaining a level of enjoyment for players..... READ MORE

​Wilkins Dismuke, Johns Hopkins '17 

Rock Canyon '13

"Playing for the Wild/Fire was one of my greatest lacrosse experiences. Not only did I have a blast, meet great people, but improved as a lacrosse player. Nate Watkins took me in and helped with my skills on a personal level as well as a team level, running systems and improving my lacrosse iq. It's not often .... READ MORE

Max Tuttle, Sacred Heart '19 
Castle View '15