NOV 11

Farmer Harvest
Wheat Ridge, CO

TRAINING schedule

Pre-Season Sundays (9-10:30am)
September 10th

September 17th

September 24th

October 22nd

Training Camp(10-Noon)

October 1st(Sun)

October 8th(Sun)

Fall-Back Wednesdays (5-6:30pm)
October 11th

November 1st

Scrimmage Thursdays (5-6:30pm)
October 12th

October 22nd

November 2nd
November 9th

Tournament schedule

2021 TEAM

OCT 28/29

Practice and Training Camp location:
Harvard Gulch North Park
​2201 S Clarkson St
Denver, CO 80210

Fall Calendar Link: CLICK HERE


REGISTRATION OPTION 1 (most popular)
Purchase one of the Registration Packages below.
The Registration Packages include the *Registration Bundle & All of the tournaments listed below. No additional payments. This is the easiest and most cost efficient option if you plan on participating multiple events.

Pricing will increase the 1st & 15th of every month (2-7%). We do this to award families paying early. All the premier events are demand a payment as early as September 1st.

DOCO Classic

Highlands Ranch, CO


OCT 14/15

Pumpkin Shootout
Golden, CO

Step 1.) Purchase the Registration Bundle
The registration bundle includes the training schedule, custom uniform, coaching & travel expenses for the coaches.
Step 2.) Purchase your desired tournaments
There is a price associated with each tournament you can choose from as well as a few tournament packages you can purchase to save a little $.
This is a great option if you can not participate in every tournament or you are looking to break up the payments.