Practice and Training Camp location:
Harvard Gulch North Park
​2201 S Clarkson St
Denver, CO 80210

Fall Calendar Link: CLICK HERE

NXT Philly Invitational  

Downingtown, PA

TRAINING schedule

NOV 11

2020 TEAM


JAN 13/14

OCT 28/29

Pre-Season Sundays (9-10:30am)
September 10th

September 17th

September 24th

Mandatory Training Camp(10-Noon)
October 1st(Sun)

October 8th(Sun)

Fall-Back Wednesdays (5-6:30pm)
October 11th

October 18th
November 1st

November 8th

​November 15th

Scrimmage Thursdays (5-6:30pm)
October 12th

November 2nd
November 9th

Pumpkin Shootout
Golden, CO

DoCo Classic
Highlands Ranch, CO

Farmer Harvest

Wheat Ridge HS, CO

Sand Storm

Indio, CA

NOV 18/19

OCT 14/15

REGISTRATION OPTION 1 (most popular)
Purchase one of RegistrationPackages below(Local/Travel/All-Inclusive).
The All Inclusive Package includes the *Registration Bundle & All of the tournaments listed below. No additional payments. This is the easiest and most cost efficient option if you plan on participating multiple events.

Step 1.) Purchase the Registration Bundle
The registration bundle includes the training schedule, custom uniform, coaching & travel expenses for the coaches.
Step 2.) Purchase your desired tournaments
There is a price associated with each tournament you can choose from as well as a few tournament packages you can purchase to save a little $.
This is a great option if you can not participate in every tournament or you are looking to break up the payments.

Pricing will increase the 1st & 15th of every month (2-7%). We do this to award families paying early. All the premier events are demand a payment as early as September 1st.

Tournament schedule